About Us

Your Goals – Our Plans = Synergy Success

Who: We started Synergy Fitness Boca because we wanted to create innovative, challenging and fun workouts every time. Ever go to the same old boring classes that don’t change week to week, are you doing the same circuit workout for the 50th time, are you just going through the same motions class to class. At Synergy Fitness we pride ourselves on no classes or workouts ever being the same, challenging our clients every workout, every time. We also wanted to get away from a MEGA gym atmosphere that neglected personalized attention to our clients. You are not just another number at Synergy but a member of our family.

Our Trainers: They’ll motivate and challenge you every time pushing you beyond your limits and comfort zones! Synergy Fitness trainers are positive, fun, healthy people with great attitudes bringing positive energy and personality to every class. They are all nationally certified in their specialties and bring an abundance of experience. Our trainers are dedicated to lifelong health, wellness and fitness – not quick fixes.

Why Synergy Fitness: What good is fitness without great nutrition, what good is a great diet and exercise plan if your mind and heart are not in the right place. How do you achieve balance between work and life? By using a synergistic approach to wellness, combining exercise, nutrition and mind body using a synergistic plan we can achieve balance and wellness. Everyone has goals – Synergy has the plans to help you achieve those wishes and desires, to turn those dreams into reality.

What is Synergy Fitness Boca: we are a personalized, unique and creative gym, not large or cookie cutter. We invest time and energy into plans, equipment, classes and education – most of all we invest time and energy in out clients. We utilize the latest proven science in training, nutrition and mind/body techniques.

Where is Synergy Fitness Boca: We are located in beautiful Downtown Boca – steps from the beach, A1A, Intracoastal – an urban feel gym in a beautiful natural paradise. We use the great outdoors, the beach boardwalk, A1A, Sand – nature is as much an element of our classes as equipment. Combining all these elements we achieve lifelong habits and results.

When: Join us NOW! What are you waiting for – Join the Synergy Fitness Boca Family. Create the healthy lifelong lifestyle that you have longed for. Your Goals – Our Plans = Synergy Success. Come in at any time and try 3 classes for free, no strings attached, no commitment. But we guarantee that you will love the classes and environment and will come back for more!